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Sodium Glow is…

Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in SG |

Sodium Glow is a comprehensive music services company specializing in composition, production and artist development as well as audio mixing and mastering.  Since 2003, David A Terry and Chris Cooke have worked with many artists and firms, providing independent artist projects as well as music for film and television. Having created many commercial recordings across a broad range of genres, Sodium Glow are prepared to supply their unique spectrum of services to individual and corporate clients...

The story of Kimber’s birth

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Kimber |

Kimber’s birth was not a conventional delivery in the best facilities surrounded by the best doctors.  No, hers was much simpler.  Kimber explains: “The story of my birth is told and remembered (not by me!) very often in my house. It is part of what makes me…me! Being born on the side of the road in Nashville Tennessee is definitely unique and different. Sometimes I wish I could remember it…I think it would be so cool to remember stuff from when I was zero years old! But it’s cool to be able to see where I was born so often as we drive down the road!...