Sodium Glow is…

Sodium Glow is a comprehensive music services company specializing in composition, production and artist development as well as audio mixing and mastering.  Since 2003, David A Terry and Chris Cooke have worked with many artists and firms, providing independent artist projects as well as music for film and television. Having created many commercial recordings across a broad range of genres, Sodium Glow are prepared to supply their unique spectrum of services to individual and corporate clients alike.

On The Horizon

Sodium Glow - on the horizon

So….what is on the horizon for Sodium Glow, you ask?

Kimber – lots of Kimber.  New songs & videos are in production.  Great songs.  Songs that will inspire.  Songs for every situation:  feeling up, down, sad or just want some crank-it-up-while-cleaning-my-room songs.  Kimber has them.

We are also working with another talented singer: Chloe.  NEED SOMETHING ABOUT CHLOE HERE.

And…a great trio makes up K. C. The Jet – take strong harmonies with an acoustic edge, solid songwriting and a splash of whimsical – that is K. C. The Jet.

What isn’t on the horizon?  Sleep.  And vacations.  But that’s ok…we love what we do.