The Future is Bright

We at Sodium Glow are very excited for what the future holds.  After years of working together on our own music; producing, engineering, playing on and even mastering projects  (see client list), we wanted to start to develop talent and music that best portrays life – both the ups and the downs.

In walks Kimber.  Kimber is a 15 year old pop singer who lives on the outskirts of Nashville, TN.  She has been singing, performing and
even writing her own music for years in preparation for this time.  Kimber is the 2nd of 7 children and has a vibrancy about her that is contagious.   Kimber always keeps a positive outlook no matter the circumstances, and this is reflected in her music.  She will be releasing a video a week on her You Tube channel so be sure to go by and subscribe.

There is other exciting music to come!  You can follow us on Twitter or on our Facebook page.